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The industry's first powerful UV protectant specifically formulated for vinyl truck bed covers, Tonno Tonic beautifies, cleans and protects all in one easy step.

Using the most effective UV screening formula, Tonno Tonic has been tested and approved by Extang as 100% safe for all vinyl tonneau materials. It's a must-have for protecting your tonneau against harsh weather conditions.

To use, spray onto a clean tonneau. Wipe surface with a clean towel until completely dry. Tonno Tonic will not harm painted surfaces.

For tires, spray on, wait five minutes, and wipe until dry. Tonno Tonic will not harm wheels.


18 Total
Paul S.
5 / 5
18 November 2021
Refreshed surface
Which renewal of tonneau appearance.
Donald R.
5 / 5
8 August 2021
Bring back that Finish!
Only thing I have found that makes the 2.0 look new again! works like a charm and easy to use!
James S.
( Jeannette, PA )
5 / 5
6 November 2017
Works great .i bought it before.
Mike M.
NULL ( Bloomington, IL )
5 / 5
30 December 2016
Tonno tonic
Great stuff, easy to use, made the old top look ssuper.
Steven J.
5 / 5
12 May 2016
Great item works very well. Thanks
Steven J.
5 / 5
12 May 2016
Great item works very well. Thanks
Chuck E.
( Slidell, LA )
5 / 5
11 September 2014
I was hesitant about purchasing this product at first -Im glad I did - very easy to use and works Like it tells you -
Robert N.
( Gainesville, FL )
5 / 5
19 July 2014
Tried treating my last tonneau cover with other products and they didn't work. This works as described.
Joe L.
( Ludlow, KY )
4.8 / 5
13 September 2014
Worked great on the cover as well as the tires. I will buy this product again. Thanks, 1970 Chevy CST guy.
4.5 / 5
26 July 2021
Good protectant
I washed and dried my cover and let it dry completely. While parked out of the sun, I applied the tonic and worked it in. The Tonno Tonic went on very easily and I liked the results very much. The "new finish" lasted a few weeks. I was planning to reapply this tonic every three months. It may need a... Read More
Norris L.
( Austintown, OH )
4.5 / 5
29 September 2013
I used it before and it is very good and easy to use .I will buy it again.
G.F. B.
NULL ( Sarasota, FL )
4.3 / 5
4 April 2016
Tonno Tonic says it's a cleaner and protectant...It states on the bottle that the tonneau must be clean before using product. So I don't understand the cleaner part..And I don't intend to use as a cleaner anyway.Just a protectant... I wash and dry the truck ,then apply the Tonic in the hopes that i... Read More
Ronald D.
4 / 5
21 September 2019
Leaking bottle
The 2nd bottle of Tonno Tonic (the 1st leaked all out) also leaked, but only about an ounce or two. I was able to see that the leak was from the spray nozzle.
Blake T.
( East Moline, IL )
4 / 5
2 June 2017
Easy to use and really makes to cover look nice.
Michael S.
( Crozier, VA )
4 / 5
16 April 2017
Pretty good stuff. Pricey. Needs a great deal of preparation before using.