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Revolution: Ultra Low Profile Tonneau Cover
Solid Fold: Folding Hard Lid Tonneau Cover
Express: Roll-Top Tonneau Cover
Fulltilt: Easy lift, kinged, removable
Classic Platinum: Premium, original, snap style
BlackMax: All black frame, snap style
Tuff Tonno: No snaps, click-lock tail rail
Tool Box Tonno: Perfect fit to your tool box
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Extang, Inc. manufactures America's number one selling pickup truck bed tonneau and tonno covers, pick up truck accessories, and tonneau - tonno truck bed cover products since 1982. Extang was the first tonneau manufacturing company in America to sell the tonneau - tonno pickup truck bed cover, tonneau pickup truck accessories, tonno pick-up truck accessories, tonneau truck bed covers, and tonno pickup truck bed covers nationwide. Extang engineers created the "No Damage, No Drilling, Clamp-On Aluminum Frame" tonneau truck cover and the tonno pickup truck bed cover systems. 

 We care about our tonno truck cover customers and understand how much you love your pickup truck. That leads us to design and build only the finest tonneaus - tonnos made so that they can be backed by the best pickup truck accessories and aftermarket pick up truck products warranty in the automotive industry. The Extang Warranty has you covered longer than most pickup truck owners will own their pick up trucks. So why worry?   

Our Extang tonneau truck cover customers receive a Lifetime warranty on the tonneau truck cover, tonno pickup truck frame and 10 Years limited warranty on any of our tonneau - tonno pick up truck bed covers and tonneau truck bed cover tarps.

That's more than enough! There's a long road ahead and Extang tonneaus - tonnos have you and your pickup truck covered, protected and secure. Just like our pick up truck tonneaus - tonnos !   

This official Extang tonneau truck cover web-site contains information and materials on Extang products, tonneau product development, tonno truck cover manufacturing services, Extang Tonneau truck cover trademark protection policies, and the Extang Corporation operating as Extang, Inc, worldwide. Any unauthorized distribution of the tonneau materials and contents displayed on this Internet property without the prior written consent of the Extang Corporation and Extang, Inc. Ann Arbor Michigan (MI) - USA are prohibited. 

 Extang, Inc. offers a lifetime warranty against defective materials or workmanship on all of our tonneau - tonno truck rails, aluminum tonneau - tonno truck components, tonneau - tonno truck clamps, tonneau - tonno pickup truck bows, and tonneau - tonno pickup truck accessories hardware. 10 Year Tonneau - Tonno Tarp coverage: Extang offers a 10 year warranty against defective tonneau truck cover materials or tonneau truck cover workmanship on the vinyl tonno covering on any of our pickup truck bed tonneau or Extang tonno tarp covers. The Extang 10 Year Tonneau - Tonno pick up truck bed tarp cover warranty coverage protection program is the leading automotive aftermarket truck parts and pickup truck accessories warranty in the industry.    

Order a Free Extang Tonneau - Tonno Pick up Truck Bed cover, tonneaus - tonnos, Extang Tonno Tonic tonneau cover cleaner, Tonno Tonic tonno cover cleaner pickup truck accessories and Extang tonneau bed cover catalog today. We welcome your comments, suggestions, and feedback regarding any of our leading pickup truck tonneau bed cover, pickup truck tonno bed cover products, including the: Extant RT Tonno - Extant RT Tone, Extant Full-Tilt Tonno - Extant Full-Tilt Tone, Extant Classic Platinum Tone - Extant Classic Platinum Tonno, Extant Trifecta Tri-Fold Tonneau - Trifecta Tri-Fold Tonneau Cover - Trifecta Tri-Fold Tonno Cover, Extant Black-Max Tonno - Extant Black Max Tonneau, Extant Tuff Tonno - Extang Tuff Tonneau, Extang Tool Box Tonno - Extang Tool Box Tonneau, Extang Cargo-Max Tonno - Extang Cargo Max Tonneau, Extang Saber Tonno - Extang Saber Tonneau, Extang Trifecta Tonneau, the new Trifecta Tri-Fold Tonneau cover and more.   

Most of our Extang Tonneau bed cover, Tonno pickup truck bed cover products, and pick-up truck Tonneau cover, Tonno bed covers are available in nine colors. Extang Tonneau Cover and Tonneau Covers are products manufactured by the Extang Corporation and Extang Inc. Tonneau Cover. Extang also manufacturers and distributes several well designed aftermarket pickup truck accessories that offer our No Drilling and No Damage installation policy, including these fine pick-up truck accessories: pickup truck mounted side rails, clamp-on pickup truck side rails and pickup tonneau cleats, Extang Max Bar solid black pickup truck clamp on side rails, Extang pick up truck cargo cleats clamp on pickup truck bed tie downs, Extang Tonno Tonic tonneau cleaner is specially formulated to clean, protect, beautify, and shine all Extang Tonneau (Tonno) pickup truck bed cover products and serves as the most effective tonneau bed cover cleaner available in the pickup truck accessories marketplace. Extang offers a complete line of pick-up truck accessories. 

Thank you for visiting the official Extang company website and if you have any questions concerning Extang tonneau product installation, Extang tonneau product ordering specification, feel free to contact our nearest Extang tonneau dealer or to request our new Extang tonneau product and aftermarket pickup truck accessories catalog.

 This official Extang corporate website now also offers our new Extang clothing products, Extang fashion logo gear, and Extang gift merchandise that make ideal gifts for all Extang tonneau enthusiasts and pickup truck accessory lovers worldwide. Show your 'Made in America' pride and pick up any of our Extang corporate logo accessories, including, original Extang logo baseball hats, Extang caps, Extang logo t-shirts, Extang golf shirts, Extang travel coffee mugs, handy Extang tonneau pocket knives, convenient Extang tonneau flash light, or any of our Extang tonneau logo Gift Items.

 Feel free to contact the courteous Extang tonneau customer support staff anytime at the Extang corporate headquarters in Ann Arbor, Michigan (MI) USA at: 800-877-2588 or by info@extang.com.

This Extang, Inc. corporate web property contains information and materials on Extang tonneau products, Extang tonno product development, tonneau manufacturing services, Extang trademark protection policies, and the Extang Corporation operating as Extang, Inc, worldwide. Any unauthorized distribution of the materials and contents displayed on this Internet property without the prior written consent of the Extang Corporation and Extang, Inc. Ann Arbor Michigan (MI) - USA are prohibited.

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